I watch a million tv shows and quite a few movies~

Find a couple/show: (eg. olicity or arrow)

some stalia bits 4x10


his hands

just being cute as the door unlocks

ha on the phone

4 days ago

Dashrid 2x07

he checks up on her

ingrid says she been horrible at replying and calling him back 

trying to get her out and have fun “but just as friends”

freya not happy dash even bought her a dress

when freya says dash has done some bad stuff her eyes (she helped him cover one bad thing)

i love that she doesnt care freya’s upset she deserves one day

dash waiting for her

when he sees her

hand holding


during the gala

love when they dance

the chemistry and closeness love his speech

Ingrid says she never dances like this with her friends

"but we’re not just friends are we, I mean we’ve been through hell together youve saved my life ive saved yours we share more then a few secrets " - Dash

ingrid asks what htey are , dash asks do we need labels

"I like labels" - Ingrid and they start laughing 

they talk about the ‘heart attack’ 

she comforts him

she says he was the anchor 

she goes in for a kiss

4 days ago

dashrid 2x07 promo

"You cant just stay in hiding forever" - Dash, and you can tell he’s in the library they always help each other so cute


"but were not just friends, are we." - Dash, im scared its a fake outimage

i loved when freya said your going on a date with dash, when ingrid finds out about his misgivings lately it wont end great but they can always rebuild and repair
or she maybe supper understanding i mean she does partly know about him killing a man (not for the blackmail portion but still)

1 week ago

Dash and Ingrid 2x06

"Let me help please… for ingrid." - Dash

"Dash" - Ingrid, when she sees him

thats right he attacked you

then bounding over getting stabbed, and how much it hurts

naturally hug

ingrid in the background “OH i was so worried about you.”

dash smiling happily when the spell works

1 week ago

dash and ingrid 2x05

both laughing at having to call dash, dr gardiner

ingrid notices his hands, dash’s hand a side effect from him saving the child

ingrid tells him you cant just chant latin, youre a warlock

they talk about the specific words he spoke

Ingrid tells dash the death had to go somewhere, and its choosen him

she shares that she brought someone back but it cost her another life

he doesnt want to kill a 13 year old, ingrid says it was his time to die

ingrids at the house theyre happy when they see each other, smiling

she’s happy hes alive and he deflect the fact he put death onto someone else

i need you to watch me sleep

dash watches her sleep,

when the mandragora gets shot so does she

he patches her up and dash wonders why she hasnt told her family yet

she starts attacking dash

then the mandragora attacks dash


2 weeks ago

zig and zoe s13 finale

when they bump into each other, this was so cuteimage

and after they say theyll hang out at the dance, both smiling image

both girl say zig likes zoe

aww look at him smiling at her


and when maya is going at zoe for stuff shes done

"Okay maya call of your dogs" - zig


cant wait for next season

1 month ago

dash and ingrid 2x05 speculation

okay so the promo makes it seem like freya has to stay with dash (probably creative editing for promos sake) though its probs about fredrickimage

all the photos scream dashrid to me, so happy- though sucks waiting two weeks for the ep

main photo i love, was so happy to see the hand holdingimage

and aww look at him


im scared the monster will take her away cause i saw some other photos but then just hoping dash goes berserk trying to find her, i hope the family seems how much he cares (though they might misinterpret think its a link to freya, or say hes evil) 

1 month ago

april and leo 1x08

Yoga time

has a nightmare everyones vanishing

hospital visit he comes 

in the strip club

when she finds out leo always does his best to help the group fufill dreams

april asks if leo paid paid for her fertility treatments

he denies it

help escape the hospital

now at jackson’s rehersal funeral

at end of the funeral

leo says his acapella group came

cleaning after the funeral, they start talking

they get into a fight when she finds out he could have surgery

1 month ago

kennash s2

tender moment

and a sweet kiss

during mary’s announcement 

Bash kicks a door to try break it open

she leaps in his arm and he spins and hugs her

1 month ago